Ben Bira

Ben created Sustainability Leads as a research and career resources platform for sustainability professionals.  He investigates trends in sustainability through the jobs board, resources page, personal interviews, and blog.  Ben authors the steadily growing Sustainability Leads bi-weekly newsletter with 5300+ subscribers who share his passion for sustainability.  Ben holds a Master of Science in Sustainability and a MBA with experience as a LEED Consultant.  He currently lives in San Francisco and works as a Sustainability Analyst with Blue Shield of California.  Connect with him on Linkedin or email him regarding Sustainability Leads at 

Courtney Garrity

Courtney Garrity joined Sustainability Leads to contribute her expertise in social media marketing and sustainability. Her passion for conservation and sustainable, science-based solutions has motivated her throughout her school and work experiences.  She graduated from Columbia University with a BA in Earth Science, and has since worked as a social media manager for a sustainable business news website and an animal care technician rehabilitating marine mammals. To connect with Courtney, message her via LinkedIn.